What is BarCamp?

BarCamp is the idea of an informal conference where everyone is encouraged to participate and the sessions are not predetermined. It provides a collaborative environment that promotes the sharing of ideas and projects and is a fun, casual event filled with discussions, demos and interaction with participants. One of the best aspects of BarCamp is that participants both provide the sessions and choose the schedule, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom.

Open by default: In keeping with the collaborative ethos of BarCamp, everything is public unless explicitly agreed otherwise, including being tweeted, blogged, uploaded to YouTube etc.

Who should attend BarCamp?

Everyone! BarCamp is open to the community and is free of charge. At BarCamp there are no spectators, only participants. Participants are encouraged to demo new ideas, hold a group discussion on a specific topic, explain a unique hobby or just about anything else. Sometimes sessions even spawn other sessions randomly.

How does it work?

  1. Register and turn up on Saturday morning at 9-10am.
  2. Think of a session topic you'd like to lead - you don't have to be an expert, and a formal presentation with slides is not required. It could be a demo, or just a round table discussion. You are allowed to have more than 1 idea.
  3. Write the topic and your name on one the sheets of paper that'll be around the room. This is like a little coversheet for each of your session(s) that contains everything we'll need to know about your session
    • The topic/subject
    • A contact person (probably you) in case the volunteers need some clarification on something when arranging assigning sessions to slots
    • Special requirements for the room/facilities etc (if any)
    • A space for people to put their voting dots at 10:30 - 10:50
  4. At around 10:15am, after the general introduction, each person with a session idea does a quick 10 seconds intro of their topic(s) so everyone knows which sessions they might be interested in.
  5. The pieces of paper then go up on the wall and at about 10:30 all the participants put sticky dots on any sessions they're interested in so we get an idea of which breakout room is best suited for each session.
  6. At around 10:50am the organisers will re-arrange the session sheets to create the schedule for the day. The schedule will also be added to the google calendar on the Sessions page, or you can use it's iCal feed to add it to your own calendar.
  7. At 11am the first sessions start.

If any session spawn an idea for a new session, add it to the board so it can be scheduled later in the day. The schedule is updated throughout the day to make sure the most popular sessions get the largest rooms.

What kind of sessions happen at BarCamp?

All kinds - from the recreational to the technical. While many sessions are tech oriented, we encourage any DIY, educational or interactive session. Sessions are not prearranged - participants propose their own session ideas on the day of the event so come prepared to share something you are passionate about, whether its your job, hobby or interests. We only ask that topics be respectful and PG-rated.

Anyone can lead a session - Expertise or formal Powerpoint presentations are not necessary: lead a discussion, demo a project, play a game, or teach a skill.

Do I have to present?

Nope. You are welcome to participate however you are most comfortable. Come and meet new people, learn something new, participate in a discussion, or help with the organization.

Are there other Barcamps?

Volunteers have be putting on BarCamps since 2005. They occur in many cities and countries around the world. Here are a few examples:

Corvallis, OR http://beaverbarcamp.org Harrisburg, PA http://barcamphbg.org/
Portland, OR http://catbarcamp.org/ Philadelphia, PA http://2017.barcampphilly.org
Nashville, TN https://www.barcampnashville.org Charleston, SC https://youtu.be/X8yRyvI0XeE
Southampton, UK http://www.barcampsouthampton.org/ Singapore https://youtu.be/OjheG5J4itY

What should I bring?

Nothing is required, but you may find it convenient to bring a laptop or mobile device, notebook and pen, reusable water bottle, and a camera.

We will also need a good supply of powerstrips and coolers for ice, so consider bringing one or two (just make sure you have your name on it, and take it home at the end)

How do I Register?

Register on EventBrite

Does BarCamp have something to do with bars and alcohol?

No - its a programmer reference to FooBar which is typically used as a placeholder name when describing something in software code. BarCamp arose as an open-to-the-public alternative to the invitation-only Foo Camp conference.

Alcohol is not permitted at the venue.