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Always re-check the board or this page before going to a session to see if the time or room has changed.

Session Ideas

Most sessions don't require prepared slides and we even encourage you not to use them. We also encourage non-tech sessions and open discussion on a variety of topics. BarCamp is also an excellent way to test out your public speaking skills.

Here are some session ideas to inspire. They are just suggestions so feel free to come up with your own ideas as well.

Create your own full motion flight/driving simulator Getting started with the Raspberry Pi single-board computer
Women in tech Drones for fun and profit
Podcasting Learn how to Juggle
Bots (hardware) Getting into a tech career
Bots (software) Writing games
Virtual battlebots Starting a small tech/software business
IoT Coding challenge
Lightning talks for really short subjects Introduction to brewing your own beer
Virtual and augmented reality How to create a Amazon Lexa skill
Ask me anything (about …)